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Features (FPO)

  • Lightweight Frame

  • Quick and Easy Fold and Unfold

  • Compactable 

  •  Reliable Heavy-Duty Construction

  • Easily Disassembled for Portability

  • Quick Release Motors

  • Batteries Can Be Charged Off-Board

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Double Driving Range with 2nd Battery

  • Batteries Can Be Charged Off-Board

  • Stands Upright (Vertical) When Folded

  • Removable Seat Cover for Easy Cleaning

  • Adjustable Height Armrests

  • Adjustable Joystick for Right-Handed or Left-Handed Usage

  • Fully-Adjustable Joystick Position

  • Optional Adjustable Height Footrest Platform

  • Comprehensive Service & Maintenance Library

  • Unbeatable Customer Service & Support

  • Accessories Available

  •  Federal Aviation Administration Approved
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