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Freedom Series Wheelchair Warranty

Every Miracle Mobility™ Foldable Electric Wheelchair comes with an Industry-Leading 5-Year Limited Warranty:

  • 5 Years on the Frame
  • 2 Years on the Motor
  • 1 Year on the Batteries
  • 1 Year on the Joystick 
  • 1 Year on the Control System (CPU)
  • 1 Year on Wearable Parts

 The Miracle Mobility™ Limited Warranty on the wearable parts includes a warranty against manufacturer defects and damage during shipping. Wearable parts include things such as fabric parts, supporting straps, armrest pads, joystick button pads, thumb screws and knobs, and front and rear wheels. Plastic decorative parts are not covered under any warranty. The battery charger is also included in the wearable parts as a 1-year warranty.  Any accessories are not included in the wearable parts nor covered for 1 year.

Any parts under warranty will be replaced and shipped to your door by UPS. Any service and labor fees, if applicable, to replace parts under warranty must be paid by the user. Due to its modular design, most parts can be easily exchanged by the end user. However, it is always recommended you seek professional help for maintenance and service, to make sure the work is done properly. 

To file a warranty claim, contact
Or complete the warranty claim on the website.

If you would like to download and print your Warranty Card, you can do so by clicking here.



The warranty covers non-accidental damage. Damaged caused by user negligence, accidental, or intentional acts that cause damage to the mobility device will not be covered under the warranty. Products which have been subject to negligence, abuse, improper storage, mis-handling, abusive operation, modification, or misuse of the device’s original intent, are not covered by this warranty. Failure to follow the proper operating instructions as outlined in the owner’s manual will also void this warranty. All warranty claims will require photos of the chair to verify its condition. If photos cannot be provided the warranty parts will not be provided. No Exceptions to the Policy will be granted. If damage has occurred during shipping, the damage must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of the medical device. If it is not reported during that time, any damage will be the owner’s responsibility:


If repairs are needed for issues not covered by the warranty or after the warranty has expired, please contact our customer service department at or call toll free at 888-375-7128 24 hours a day 7 days a week to secure the parts you need.


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