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3-Wheel Scooter Details

Product Details

✓ Weight capacity up to 220 pounds
 250 Watt Brushless DC Motors
✓ 6 adjustable speed settings
✓ Travel Speed up to 7.5 MPH
✓ Travel Distance 24 miles
✓ Separates into two halves
✓ Forward and Reverse
✓ Folds in seconds
✓ Fits in the trunk of small cars
✓ Weighs 66 pounds
✓ Front Wheel Drive
✓ Requires almost no maintenance
✓ Adjustable Seat Height
✓ Adjustable Driving Console Height
✓ USB Charger
✓ Safety Light Included
✓ 2-year limited warranty on frame
✓ 1-year limited warranty on electrical components
✓ 60-day money back guarantee

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