• Chair Weight: 38 lbs (41 lbs w/Battery)
  • Weight Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Travel Distance: Up to 10 Miles
  • Speed: Up to 3.75 MPH
  • Power: 500 Total Watts
  • Seat Size: 17.75” W x 11.5” D


1. Two electromagnetic motors 500 Total Watts
2. Folds within 3 Seconds to size of large suitcase (27” L x 31” H x 13” w)
3. Powerful Lithium Ion Battery 24V/10Ah
4. Large storage compartment under the seat (17” L x 9” H x 7” W)
5. Second storage bag provided for large cargo (17” L x 24” H x 7” W) that will attach to
handgrips for extra storage
6. Front controller operates 4N1 like a power wheelchair
7. Rear controller operates 4N1 as a power walker (provides electric power
assistance for caregiver which makes pushing walker/wheelchair easier)
8. Seat Size (17.75” W x 11.5” D)
9. Backrest flips allowing for forward facing or rear facing seating
10. Battery is airline approved
11. Ergonomically designed push handles with thicker hand pads
12. Armrests lift to allow for easy transfer onto wheelchair
13. Footrest lifts and swings forward and back for easy transfer on and off wheelchair
14. Joystick controller has battery life indicator lights and 5 speed settings
15. Weight capacity 220 lbs
16. Weighs 38 lbs without battery and 41 lbs with battery
17. Hand brakes will lock wheels in place for additional stability
Shipping is FREE to anywhere within the US states.(excluding Hawaii and Alaska). We do not provide international shipments at this time.

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