Gene Anderson

I just got my gold series a week ago and took some getting use too.
I love the practically zero turn.
Way fast.
Havent tried any Ramps yet.Been raining
Looking forward to using more often.
My wife is a former nurse and helps with every thing.
When I found I was stage 4 cancer and given 3-6 months prognosis I sold my boat and bought the chair with some of the money.
Great investment.
Thank you Miracle mobility.
Thank you God.
Angel was awesome in helping me out.
Gene A.

Response from the ownera year ago

Thanks Gene! Let us know if you need anything else. There’s a new air bubble cushion, cell phone holders and other accessories you might be interested in on the website or give me a call anytime, 888.375.1728. We’re here to serve!

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