★1 out of 5 stars.

4N1 is NOT a 5 star product

After paying almost 2K for this, I expected this item to be brand new but it seemed used. It arrived with debris inside the plastic bag and on the cloth of the back strap, not to mention a white hair on the walker itself. The walker/wheelchair looks nice but it is not made for small persons. The back strap was so far back that the person I bought it for was not able to use it. There was an 8-10 inch gap between their back and the back strap so they did not feel secure or safe using it. (I would have liked to post a picture but there is no attachment option). I looked up the Miracle Mobility site online to see if I could find a smaller back strap and there are NO accessories for this item and no online owners manual. And finally, this product is made in China and the stench from the rubber is horrible. It was hard to have the chair in the living room because the smell was toxic and does not air out. I would not recommend this to a friend. Save your money.

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