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★★★★★5 out of 5 stars.

Alternative to Manual Wheelchairs or Walkers.

The ” four-in -one ” is exactly what I was looking for to help maintain my strength and joint mobility! Its combination of either manual or powered walker/wheelchair allows me to again accompany my wife on walks around our neighborhood for exercise in spite of worsening arthritis in many of my joints. My cane and 3 and 4 wheel manual walkers are O.K. for around the house or short periods of time but now the “4N1” means we can go to large events without my joints giving out and not being able to walk back to our car.
I found the “4N1” to be well made and thought out. The small compromises necessary in any combination device are well balanced resulting in a very practical and useful mobility aid. It folds and functions smoothly and is a reasonable weight to load/unload in a vehicle. The 34 inch maximum extended height of the walker handgrips is adequate for my 6 foot height and perfect for my wife to hold. The height of the seat is about 20 inches above the ground and the frame fit my 6 foot 200 pound size without being too large to use in my home. The electric motors in the rear wheels powered me up the long hills in my neighborhood easily and the owner’s manual recommends up to 15 degrees of incline.
The “4N1” fills a gap between manual and powered mobility aids. Miracle Mobility answered all my questions in a very friendly and knowledgeable manner, and I am definitely recommending it to my friends!

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